3 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain

Published: 16th November 2006
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Lower back pain can take the spring out of your step with aches and pains and even affect other areas of your body. Learning how to relieve lower back pain can put you on the path to more comfortable days by reducing muscle tension, relieving the pressure back pain causes in your thighs and calves, and taking away the stress of having to deal with back pain every day. Follow these three quick and easy tips to get back pain out of your life for good.

One of the best tips to follow for relieving lower back pain is to exercise. While exercising may not feel natural to you when you have pain, back pain is often caused by inactivity or a sedentary lifestyle. If you have a desk job or maintain a low level of activity, you are not moving around enough to keep your bones and muscles in top shape. Starting to exercise can be as simple as taking a stroll on a warm day or enjoying your swimming pool during the hot summer months. Make an effort to increase your activity level gradually. It will benefit you immensely even if you only go for a short walk or paddle around in your pool for a few minutes. If you can manage to start an exercise program such as going for longer walks or working with an elliptical machine, the benefits will be tremendous. Always check with your doctor before starting such a program to make sure your condition is not so serious as to preclude you from participating in regular exercise.

Using a heating pad is another quick and easy way to relieve lower back pain. This works best if your back pain is due to muscle stiffness or strain. You can use heat by purchasing a traditional heating pad or one of the newer heat packs that do not require the use of an electrical outlet. If you're using a heating pad, you'll want to wrap it in a pillowcase or towel to avoid direct contact with your delicate skin. Follow the directions on the packaging and adjust the temperature setting and position of the heating pad to best manage your pain. Leave the pad in place for the recommended amount of time and your back pain should be reduced or relieved. Always be sure to unplug a traditional heating pad and do not store it away until it is cool. Follow all directions for preventing a fire or other accident when using the pad.

Finally, a simple stretching routine may help you keep your muscles from being strained or becoming too out of use to function. You can ask your doctor for stretching recommendations or read one of the many books on fitness that have been published in recent years. These stretching exercises will help you to keep your muscles limber and may also help you to increase your flexibility, strength, and stamina for other types of activity. Be sure to follow the instructions for performing the exercises to make sure you do not injure yourself in the process of trying to relieve your back pain.

These three tips are quick, easy to do, and cost almost no money to carry out. By following one, or all, of these tips, you can improve the strength of your back and get rid of the back pain that's been controlling your life.

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